About Kenrick Design/Construction

One of our Skilled craftsmen recreates a section of damaged cornice work for a historic building in our shop facility.


About Kenrick Design/Construction

“Our Mission state is to provide the best quality construction for our client’s budget in a timely fashion.”

Kenrick Design/ Construction Services, Inc. was founded by in 1997 by architect William E. Elliott. The company was organized as an entity to provide turnkey design/build projects on a small scale to various commercial clients through-out the St. Louis Metropolitan area. In the spring of 1998, after adding several employees, the organization was incorporated in the State of Missouri.

Since that time, the design/build team has grown in size and now offers the following services:

Architectural Design
General Construction Services
Tax Credit and Historic Consultation Services
Construction Management Services
Built-in Casework Design and Construction

KD/CS has provided design, construction and construction management services for various commercial and residential clients through-out the St. Louis area. Over 80 percent of our projects are renovation and historic remodels for our commercial clients. Approximately 20 percent of our client base is for new construction and/or residential design.

Some of KD/CS’s Clients include entities such as:

Saint Louis Public Library
City Property Company
Laclede Landing Building Associates
Obasi Enterprises
Racanelli’s Pizzas
N-D Consulting/Realty
Fair Mercantile Building Associates
Operation Brightside
Bridge Partnership
Padcor, LLC